Today I’m going to talk about what I want for Christmas. I am also going to talk about why I want the items.

  1. AIR PODS : I want these because I don’t have to worry about accidentally breaking the string and I don’t have to worry about when I move they wont come out of my ears.  
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2. IPHONE XR :I want this because its a new Phone that just came out and I just want it. I also want the black one because I don’t really like how the other colors look on the Phone. 

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3. IPHONE XR PHONE CASE : I want this case because its a pretty case.

4. RING STAND FOR PHONE : I want this because its pretty and it kinda matches my phone case. I also want it because I have a pop socket  now and I want something different.  

Image result for amazon pink ring stand

5. PROJECT MC2 PERFUME SCIENCE KIT : I honestly don’t really now why I want this but I like to create things myself sometimes and I like to follow the steps that they give you to make it and I think its kinda fun.

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Just My Style Bath Bomb Maker by Horizon Group USA


Image result for project mc spa studio

That was all of the things I wanted for Christmas I might add more things but I might not. Thanks for reading!!!!!!! Hope you enjoyed!!!!!!!!



Today I am going to talk about what I did today

Step 1 : Brushed My Teeth and Washed My Face

Step 2 : Did all of the other stuff to get ready for school

Step 3 : Waited for my brother to get ready to drop me off at school because my mom wasn’t home because she went to Sacramento to see her cousins.

Step 4 : Got to school 

Step 5 : Went to first period at 8:25 which is PE. PE starts at 8:30.

Step 5 : Went to second period at 9:20 which is Science. Science starts at 9:25.

Step 6 : Went to third period at 10:15 which is Math. Math starts at 10:20

Step 7 : Went to fourth period at 11:10 which is my Elective. Multimedia. Multimedia starts at 11:15. 

Step 8 : Went to Lunch at 12:05. Lunch ended at 12:50

Step 9 : Went to fifth period at 12:50 which is English. English starts at 12:55

Step 10 : Went to sixth period at 1:45 which is History. History starts at 1:50 

Step 11 : School finally ended at 2:40

Step 12 : My mom picked me up because she came back from Sacramento  

Step 13 : We went home 

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed !!!!!!!!


Today I’m going to talk about what I did for Thanksgiving.

When the day first started everybody in the house started getting ready. After everybody got dressed we waited for people to come over. Once some people started to come over we all said one thing we were grateful for. Soon as everyone came we start eating we had fried chicken, yams, dressing, ham, roast, mac and cheese, sweet potatoes,  roles, and maybe some more things. After we ate and did everything else everybody started to leave and it was like 12:00pm. Two people stayed to help us clean up and hang out for a little bit more time before they left. After the two people that stayed left all of us went upstairs and got ready for bed. 

Thanks for reading I know it was short but hope you enjoyed!!!!!!!!



Today i’m going to talk about the Summit Program and what we do on it.

The Summit Platform is where we do all of our work at school and at home. When your done with studying you have to take these things called Content Assessment.  Every day of the week we have this thing called S.D.L. We don’t have S.D.L on Wednesday because it’s a minimum day.


The projects are what we do in class. We only can do the projects in class because the teacher has to monitor us. Projects are also 70% of our grade.


The Power Focus Areas are homework. All we do for homework is do these things called Objectives. Objectives have the Readings that you need to take notes on. We have videos, reading ones, vocabulary, and Check for Understandings for each Objective.


The Additional Focus Areas are extra credit. The Additional Focus Areas don’t have Check for understandings. The Additional Focus Areas are also 9% of our grade.

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Today i’m going to talk about my experience in 6th grade.

When it was summer time I was thinking about when I was going into 6th grade I was thinking that 6th grade was going to be to hard. I was also scared that I wasn’t going to make it to all of my classes.

When I finally went to Orientation they told us some of the things that we were going to be doing, and they gave us a tour of the school and showed us were all of the classes were. They also said that there were going to be 52 people in one P.E class. When they said that I was like OMG how is there going to be 52 people in one P.E class.

When the first day of school came I was so scared. When we got to the school my mom, my dad, and I went into the school and we were trying to find my 1st period class. We finally found out that my 1st period class was P.E and I was like wow why does my 1st period have to be P.E, and I was scared that I would have nobody that I knew in the same P.E class as me. Then I come to find out that 2 of my best friends were in the same P.E class as me. I was happy because I thought I was going to be alone. In all of the classes the teachers just introduced themselves and talked about what we were going to do in their class.

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Today I’m talk about when I went to Santa Cruz.

A couple days before we went my mom told me that her cousins wanted to go also so we were going to go with them instead of it being just my mom, my dad, and I. I told my mom that I wanted to go the weekend that we were going to go on because I have been waiting for so long to go on that trip. So my mom surprised me and told me that we could go the weekend that we were planning to go on. My mom also told me that I could bring one friend.

A couple days before my grandma, my dad, and I went to the Airport to go get a rental car for the trip. Before we left to go on the trip the one friend that I chose to bring came before we left.

When we got to Santa Cruz we went to our hotel and brought all of our stuff that we had inside the car inside our hotel room.  We stayed at the hotel for a little while before we went to the Beach Board Walk. My friend and I put our swimsuit on under our clothes  because we were thinking about going to the beach after we rode some rides the Board Walk. My friend and I got on a bunch of rides. My mom, my dad, my friend, and I got on this ride called The Giant Dipper and I was so scared.

When we finally got on the ride I was still scared. I was sitting with my mom and My friend was sitting with my dad because the seats were connected so all of us were basically siting right next to each other. My dad, and my friend were sitting in front of my mom, and I. When the ride first took off it was so dark we couldn’t see anything. I was even more scared because I didn’t know if the roller coaster was going to drop or not. When we could finally see something  were going up and my heart was beating so fast. I didn’t know what was going to happen and I didn’t know if the drop was going to be really long or short. When we went down the drop it wasn’t really that long. Also when we were going down then my stomach dropped and I hate when that happens because it feels so weird.

When we were about to leave we got Funnel Cakes because every time we go to an Amusement Park we always get Funnel Cakes and because I love them those are my favorite desserts at Amusement Parks. We walked around the board walk for a while before returning to our hotel.

When we got back to the hotel we settled in and took showers and got ready for bed.

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Today i’m going to talk about what my family and I did on The Fourth of July.

For The Fourth of July we always go to my Great Grandma’s house to celebrate. My dad buys a lot of fireworks for everybody to do. When my dad does the fireworks I love how they look they look so pretty. When we finished doing all of our fireworks everybody helped clean up.

After we finished cleaning up the fireworks we all went inside of the house and ate. After we ate people were just walking around and talking. We usually stay at my Great Grandmas house until about 12 O’clock at night when we have events there.

Thank you for reading!!!!!