Today I’m going to talk about what I did for Memorial Day.

That morning when I woke up I had to get ready to go to my Great Grandmas house because we had a barbecue there for Memorial Day. When I got up my dad was barbecuing to bring to my Great Grandmas house so the food will already be ready. A little bit before my dad finished I start getting dressed. When I was getting ready my mom was also getting ready. Then my dad started getting ready. After that my dad start putting all of the food in the car. After that we were on our way to My Great Grandmas house. When we got there my dad started warming up the food. Then some people started to eat.

A little bit later more people started coming. More people started to eat. While we were there everybody just chilled and some of us also played games of UNO. After that we went home. When we got home we got started to get ready for bed.


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