Today im going to talk about my experience at the San Francisco Creamery.

On April 17th 2019 I went to this restaurant called the San Francisco Creamery. I love this restaurant. That was my second time going there. What I usually get from there is Potato Skins and their Basket Funnel Cake Fries. I love the Funnel Cake Fries because they taste like a Funnel Cake. I can also go here to basically get a Funnel Cake instead of waiting to go to an Amusement Park to get one. What I like on my Potato Skins are the cheese, the bacon, and green onions and I also like extra ranch on the side. The Potato Skins also come with Re fried Beans but I tell them to not add that because I don’t like beans. When I order my Funnel Cake Fries I tell them to put add Ice Cream on the top of the fries and the Powered sugar because I don’t want the Whip Cream, and the Chocolate Fudge ( I think that’s what its called). I also like to put the Ice Cream on top of my Funnel Cake Fries because when I get regular Funnel Cakes the Ice Cream and the powdered sugar is on the top. (I couldn’t find a picture of their Potato Skins so I just put the picture of the Funnel Cake Fries from here.)

Image result for san francisco creamery funnel cake fries

The first time we went here we saw these people with this Desert called “The Kitchen Sink” and its also made to share with 6 people and you can pick different types of flavors. ( They have a lot of Ice Cream flavors.)


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