Today im going to talk about what I did this weekend.

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On Saturday my mom took me and a friend to see Aquaman. We wanted to go see The Upside but it wasn’t playing at the Imax theater so we couldn’t go see that. The movie was 2 hours and 23 minutes long. While we were in the movies we were hungry so my mom ordered me and my friend some french fries. I’ve been to the Imax theater a couple of time and I always get there french fries because their good.

Image result for imax theater concord

After the movie was over we went to Red Lobster. There was a 30 minute wait. When we go to our seat we waited for the waitress to come and take or order. I got the Ultimate Feast that came with Lobster, snow crab, fried shrimp (I think this is what its called), and regular shrimp. My mom got stuffed mushrooms, fried catfish with coconut shrimp, a baked potato, and a salad. My friend got the chicken Alfredo. After we ate and everything we went back to my house and my friend stayed for a little while and then we took her home.

Image result for red lobster

On Sunday we had a Super Bowl party. My friend came over again. Then later on my cousins came over. While they were here we played hide and seek a couple of times. After that we just chilled in my room. When everyone left I toke a shower and got ready for bed because I had school the next day.



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