Today i’m going to talk about how I like my tutoring program, and other things.

I go to tutoring Mondays and Tuesdays. I do some of my homework there so they can help me. They have multiple teachers there to help people with a certain subject. They have a 2 Math teachers, 2 English teachers, and 1 History teacher. They also teach all grades. When I go they teach me Math and English. I also go to tutoring for 2 hours sometimes. One of the Math teachers does math with me for 1 hour and for the other hour I do English or its the other way around I could choose which one I want to do first.

I feel like tutoring is really helping me because they help me a lot in both of those subjects. Sometimes if I need help in any other subject One of the English teachers helps me with it. Sometimes when I don’t have anything to work on they give me some practice work for math and English.



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