Today Im going to talk about what I did to celebrate New Years.

For New Years we went to my grandmas house. We had a lot of food to eat. There was also a lot of people there. We had a lot of games to play while we wait for the count down to start. There were Connect Four, Bingo, and many more. When we played bingo I was the one calling out the numbers and every time I called out the number and this person yells bingo he gives me a tip. I played a lot of people in Connect Four. I played my brother, my brothers girlfriend, my mom, and my cousin but I played all of them many times.

Image result for connect four
Image result for BINGO

When the countdown finally started everyone went into the living room. When the countdown was a 10 everyone started counting. When the numbers went to 0 everyone said “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!” and everyone started hugging the people next to them and going around and hugging more people. After we said Happy New Year everyone went to go eat.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!!


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