Today I’m going to talk about what I did and what got for Christmas.

On Christmas day my family went to my cousins house to spend Christmas instead of my Great Grandmas house were we go for Christmas every year. While we were at my cousins house I was playing with my 2 cousins and my nephew. We also ate a lot of food.


  1. AirPods
Image result for air pods

2. A bunch of clothes

3. A lot of Jackets

4. 1 pair of Air Maxes

5. 2 Bath bomb kits

6. 1 slime kit

7. 2 Stress ball kits

8. 1 Spa kit

9. Wing Stop gift card

Image result for wingstop gift cards

10. Backpack

My mom said she was going to get me a Nintendo Switch when she can so if I get more gifts I will post another blog for those gifts. My grandma also said shes working on getting me a Iphone XR.

Thanks for reading !! Hope you enjoyed!!


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