Today i’m going to talk about how I found out about this and when this happened. 

This morning everything was perfectly fine. I got ready for school and my dad dropped me off. I said bye to my mom because they had to leave to go to Texas for my brothers college graduation. When my dad dropped me off at school I said bye to him. 

I had a perfect day at school. After I got out of school my grandma told me what happened. My mom took a video and put it on Facebook. My grandma let me go on her phone to look at the video. I was scared because I was thinking about my house because it was right by my house.

Right before my mom and dad got ready to go to Airport they saw that. My grandma also saw it when he came to pick my mom and dad up. My grandma said that she thought it was just smoke and when she saw it she was shocked. My dad saw the fire before my mom and when he found out about it he told my mom. My mom and dad were worried because they were literally about to get in the car to go to the Airport. In the video that my mom took of the fire the truck was popping because it was about to blow up but luckily it didn’t. 

My mom and dad told me that it was a truck that caught on fire, but I don’t know how it caught on fire. My dad told me that he thinks it caught on fire cause of all of the leaves under the car. When my mom Face timed me at the Airport I asked her what happened and she told me some things and my dad told me how and when he saw the fire.

THANKS FOR READING!!!!!! HOPE YOU ENJOYED!!! And I am so thankful that nothing happened to my house or anybody else house. 


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