Today im going to talk about my experience and what I did. People that were invited to the party were people that work at UPS (United Partial Service). My mom worked there so that’s why we went because my mom thought it would be fun to go to it. We never went to the Christmas party’s that they have every year so this was our first time.

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When I first heard about when I was going I was curious  about how it was going to look and where it was going to be because I didn’t want to be in the car for a long time. I got to invite 3 friends. We had a lot of people there with us it was my 3 friends, my sister, my nephew, my niece, and my mom. When we got there we went to go take a picture with Santa. Then we took a lot of pictures in the photo booth. The good thing was that there were only a little bit of people in line to take pictures in the booth because they take 3 pictures of you.

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After that we were just playing a lot and having fun. When we were about to leave we took more pictures but his time my sister and my nephew and Niece. Instead of it being just my 3 friends and I. When we got home we played with my nephew. After that we went in my room and watched tv. Then my sister came upstairs and asked us what we wanted to eat. She gave us 2 options the first option was nachos and the second option was pizza. We all wanted nachos because we don’t really eat nachos a lot so we wanted that instead of pizza.

Thanks for reading!! Hope you enjoyed!!


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