Today im going to talk about why I want a Nintendo Switch. I am also going to talk about what it does and some other things about it.


I want a Nintendo Switch because I think its a good and fun console. I also want it because I played my brothers and a really like it. I really love how you can travel easy with the console and theirs a lot of that you can buy for the console.


The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid video game console, with the main system comprising the “Switch Console”, the “Switch Dock”, and the “Joy-Con” controllers. Although it is a hybrid console, Fils-Aimé stated that the Switch is “a home console that you can take with you on the go.”

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Today Im going to talk about what I did to celebrate New Years.

For New Years we went to my grandmas house. We had a lot of food to eat. There was also a lot of people there. We had a lot of games to play while we wait for the count down to start. There were Connect Four, Bingo, and many more. When we played bingo I was the one calling out the numbers and every time I called out the number and this person yells bingo he gives me a tip. I played a lot of people in Connect Four. I played my brother, my brothers girlfriend, my mom, and my cousin but I played all of them many times.

When the countdown finally started everyone went into the living room. When the countdown was a 10 everyone started counting. When the numbers went to 0 everyone said “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!” and everyone started hugging the people next to them and going around and hugging more people. After we said Happy New Year everyone went to go eat.

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Today I’m going to talk about what I did and what got for Christmas.

On Christmas day my family went to my cousins house to spend Christmas instead of my Great Grandmas house were we go for Christmas every year. While we were at my cousins house I was playing with my 2 cousins and my nephew. We also ate a lot of food.


  1. AirPods

2. A bunch of clothes

3. A lot of Jackets

4. 1 pair of Air Maxes

5. 2 Bath bomb kits

6. 1 slime kit

7. 2 Stress ball kits

8. 1 Spa kit

9. Wing Stop gift card

10. Backpack

My mom said she was going to get me a Nintendo Switch when she can so if I get more gifts I will post another blog for those gifts. My grandma also said shes working on getting me a Iphone XR.

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Today im going to talk about my after school club called “MAFANIKIO”.

Mafanikio is a African American club were you learn about your culture. Mafanikio means all of these things like Achievement, Successful, Successfully, Success, Achieved Success, Breakthrough, Prosperity, Prosperous, and Headway.

We go to the club every Monday, Tuesday, and sometimes Thursday. On Mondays we always practice our scrips for this performance that I had on December 18, 2018. The other days we did the same thing because we were trying to remember our scripts.

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Today i’m going to talk about how I found out about this and when this happened. 

This morning everything was perfectly fine. I got ready for school and my dad dropped me off. I said bye to my mom because they had to leave to go to Texas for my brothers college graduation. When my dad dropped me off at school I said bye to him. 

I had a perfect day at school. After I got out of school my grandma told me what happened. My mom took a video and put it on Facebook. My grandma let me go on her phone to look at the video. I was scared because I was thinking about my house because it was right by my house.

Right before my mom and dad got ready to go to Airport they saw that. My grandma also saw it when he came to pick my mom and dad up. My grandma said that she thought it was just smoke and when she saw it she was shocked. My dad saw the fire before my mom and when he found out about it he told my mom. My mom and dad were worried because they were literally about to get in the car to go to the Airport. In the video that my mom took of the fire the truck was popping because it was about to blow up but luckily it didn’t. 

My mom and dad told me that it was a truck that caught on fire, but I don’t know how it caught on fire. When my mom Face timed me at the Airport I asked her what happened and she told me some things and my dad told me how and when he saw the fire.

THANKS FOR READING!!!!!! HOPE YOU ENJOYED!!! And I am so thankful that nothing happened to my house or anybody else house. 


Today im going to talk about my experience and what I did. People that were invited to the party were people that work at UPS (United Partial Service). My mom worked there so that’s why we went because my mom thought it would be fun to go to it. We never went to the Christmas party’s that they have every year so this was our first time.

When I first heard about when I was going I was curious  about how it was going to look and where it was going to be because I didn’t want to be in the car for a long time. I got to invite 3 friends. We had a lot of people there with us it was my 3 friends, my sister, my nephew, my niece, and my mom. When we got there we went to go take a picture with Santa. Then we took a lot of pictures in the photo booth. The good thing was that there were only a little bit of people in line to take pictures in the booth because they take 3 pictures of you.

After that we were just playing a lot and having fun. When we were about to leave we took more pictures but his time my sister and my nephew and Niece. Instead of it being just my 3 friends and I. When we got home we played with my nephew. After that we went in my room and watched tv. Then my sister came upstairs and asked us what we wanted to eat. She gave us 2 options the first option was nachos and the second option was pizza. We all wanted nachos because we don’t really eat nachos a lot so we wanted that instead of pizza.

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My Sister’s Program

My big sister, named Miyana, attends a school called Carrington College. She is in a program for Dental Assisting. In this program she is learning all the roles and work in order to become a dental assistant. This program my sister is taking is a 9 month program, she tells me that it is the quicker way to get into the field which is why she chose this program. My sister is now in her fourth term and with six terms total she is almost soon to be done with school. My sister will be graduating from Carrington College on March 2019 and will continue on with her education to become a higher level in the Dental Industry. 

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